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HLP - High Level Performance - Galster-Milano, is specialized in Business and Employee Development.


  • assessment of management systems and organizational risks- project management

  • certification of systems, processes, products

  • training of staff and internal trainers

  • providing public financial resources for employee development projects

  • involve complementary consultancy resources through partnerships

  • operations in Italian, German and English language

Training and Consulting
for sustainable growth
in Italy and abroad



In the foreground


FareWelfare, Milan, March 2020

Michael Galster publishes for FareWelfare an analysis of norms and quality standards with effects on the organizational well-being. In Italian language: e

FareWelfare, Milan, June 2019
Michael Galster joins the equipe of FareWelfare, a consultant group specialised on corporate Welfare policies, and publishes an analysis of the incrementality of key indicators in company collective agreements. In Italian language:

Qualità N. 4 / 2019, Milano, June 2019

Dalla Cogenza alla Sostenibilità del Business. From Compliance to Business Sustainability. With this title Michael Galster publishes an article on the monthly magazine of the Italian Society for Quality Management, in which he analyses the links between health&safety, organizational well-being and work-life balance policies.

Heraeus, Cavenago Brianza MB, March 2018
Heraeus S.p.A. Italy, the Italian company of the homonym German technological group, testifies to its welfare policy developed ad hoc for its 27 employees with the support of HLP Galster in cooperation with FareWelfare. In Italian:

Miele, Eppan, South Tirol in Italy, December 2017

At Miele Italia the action oriented training project Immer Besser Supporter (Supporter for the Continuous Improvement), conducted in cooperation with the training firm Change soc. coop. has been successfully concluded. In this project a group of young employees was engaged to improve two business processes. See final presentation (in Italian language) Presentazione_IBS.

Italian Innovation Award, Rome, 2017 Decembre 18th

With the recognition of the winners, the President of the Italian House of Parlament has completed the IX edition of the Italian Innovation Award. Just as in precedent editions, Michael Galster participated as a juror at the completion, designed for to identify and valorize the vital factors of Innovation in corporations.
In Italian language:

Management by Objectives, Milan, December 2015

HLP Galster Milano has developed a model for the improvement of existing practices in target setting and employee talk. Training Initiatives can to be financed through the Fondi Paritetici per la Formazione and, in the Region of Trentino-Alto Adige, by the European Social Funds. See Fact Sheet in Italian language Management per Obiettivi. HLP publications in German language are available on request.

EFQM Italia, Milan, 25th of September 2015

HLP-Galster Milano, since 2001 busy on the field of EFQM Excellence, is pleased to inform that the Foundation EFQM has established an own office in Italy, in order to promote the dissemination of the EFQM philosophy in Italy. See also the kick-off event of September 25th at Auditorium of Bosch Italia (in Italian language)

Sharing Economy e Human Resources, Bozen, February 2015
Pilot Project in the industrial district Neumarkt-Laag the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano conducts a survey on the potential for future networks of employers for services in the field of family-work balance. The research is carried out by the Company Change Soc. Coop. of Bolzano and supported by the expertise of HLP Galster Milan. in Italian language

AICQ and City of Milan, Convention, 8th July 2014

The Italian Association for Quality Management (AICQ) and the City of Milano present the organization model for Work Family Balance that has been developed by AICQ in cooperation with the third part certification body Certiquality. See Convegno CLF Locandina in Italian language.

Finlombarda s.p.a., Milan, November 2013

The consulting activities of the second edition of the tender “Work Life Balance” promoted by Finlombarda s.p.a. are about to end. The underlying organisational model is compatible with the certifiable standard jointly developed by AICQ (Italian Association for Quality Management) and the third part body Certiquality with the support of Galster Training  & Consulting. Please visit (in Italian language)

HLP Group, Frankfurt – Milan, May 2013

Galster Training  & Consulting  joins the Consulting  HLP Network – High Level Performance complementary consultants – headquartered in Frankfurt with five regional offices in Germany. Galster Training & Consulting, in  this way, wides up its range of competencies to become a transfer point for management know-how between Italy and Germany. Please go to (in German language)

Bozen, February 2012: Training Program in company in the international logistic business

In February 2012 Brigl AG/S.p.A., company in the international logistic business in Bozen, starts a comprehensive employees training action, sustained by an innovative public financial instrument, the so called InterProf. The Training Plan is based on an organizational assessment realized by Galster T&C according to the EFQM-Method, to assure the alignement of all development actions to the strategic and operative objectives of the company. S. and Factsheet Business Excellence (in Italian language)

Brescia, June 2011: Blu Ocean Strategy in the area of machine tools

On behalf of an action-orientated training course realised by Galster T&C consultants, the management team of Porta Solutions, worldwide leader in the production of Multicenters, has concluded a project for the innovation of the own offer that, according to the Blu Ocean-Philosophy, was orientated on the exploration and opening to unexpressed areas of demand. S. (Italian) and description of approach Innovazione offerta (only Italian)

Milan, February 2011: Committed to Work-Life Balance

Supported by Galster Training & Consulting and Emit Feltrinelli, the Italian Society for Quality Management AICQ has developped a recognition system for corporate Work-Life Balance Policies. Read the article written by Michael Galster on the on-line magazine QUALITA' ON LINE N. 3-2010 Impegno per la Conciliazione Lavoro & Famiglia (only in Italian)

Milan, October 2010: Change, roles and competences

In October is finishing the first phase of a deep organizational change in a multinational company of German origins in Southern Europe, in which Michael Galster contributed to redefinition of the first line management roles and the connected competencies. At a methodological level the  work referred to the systemic logic of the Busines Excellence Model, using the competencies as a level for change within a complex reorganization of structure and processes.

Bozen, 10th September 2010: Business Excellence L 2

13 agencies in the filed of Continued Education in South Tirol (Italy) have concluded the third validation cycle of EFQM Level 2 “Recognised for Excellence”,  showing outstanding performances in the areas of “Customers” and “Internal Processes”. Michael Galster, already involved the editions 2006 and 2008, describes this experience in an article published in the N. 3 maggio/giugno 2010 of the magazine “Qualità” of the Italian Association for Quality Management (AICQ), national partner of EFQM.

Milan, 28th July 2010: leading indicators
Galster Training & Consulting sustains corporations in finding practical ways to measure and evaluate management approaches on a short term. A recent example for this is the on-line questionnaire developed for Fondazione Milano, a management company of four university entities in Milan, to  survey  the perception of managers and employees regarding the way internal meetings are organized and managed and tasks are assigned.

Milan, 25th March 2010:  Beyond the crisis through the EFQM Business Excellence Method

Re-orienting organisations along their strategic objectives through EFQM Business Excellence and going beyong the crisis. Under this title, Galster Training & Consulting along with Bosch Italia S.p.A led in Milan the joint workshop of the German Italian Chamber of Commerce and AICQ (the Italian Society for Quality). For more information, please have a look at the workshop presentation:

Orientare l’organizzazione sugli obiettivi strategici (only in Italian)

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