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Examples of Projects and Testimonials




  • Coaching of the 1° Line Management Team for the development and implementation of “Vision, Mission and Value Chart”, SuperjetInternational, a joint venture of Alenia Aeronautica, Italy, and  Sukhoi Holding, Russia
  • Development of a line of cosmetic products; Pricing, Packaging and Positioning on the market; integration of Web Marketing and Direct Promotion, The Marketing Company, San Marino
  • Segmentation of potential customers and market research for Spin-off, Lucent, USA
  • Consultancy for the redefinition of roles and responsibilities of the 1° Line Management of an international industrial group, following to organizational changes, Italy-Spain
  • Project-Leadership in the conversion of industrial sites, Michelin e British American Tobacco, Italy
  • Organizational analysis and realignment of structure and processes of the retail area, Bata Shoes, Italy
  • Development of a business plan and positioning on the market of a luxury hotel, Italy  
  • Coaching of CIP-Teams for service improvement, Fiat Customer Services Center, Italy
  • Change Management, Pirelli Tires, Italy
  • Training in techniques for quality improvement, Federal Mogul, Automotive, Italy and  Germany
  • Training in B2B negotiation techniques, General Electrics, Europe
  • Training for Management by objectives (MbO)/introduction of an appraisal system, Rütgers, railways industry, Italy and Germany
  • Training for the introduction of team work, Johnson Controls, Automotive, Germany
  • Training in techniques for quality improvement, Skoda, Automotive, Czech Republic


Services and Public Administration  


  • Implementation of a TQM-System according to the EFQM Model, City Administration, Milan
  • Consultancy for the achievement of  EFQM Excellence Levels 1 e 2  in university for performing arts and languages, Politecnico della Cultura, delle Arti e delle Lingue di Milano, Milan
  • Implementation of a TQM-System according to the EFQM Model, Joint Research Center of the European Union (Space Application Institut), Ispra/Italy
  • Training in techniques for quality improvement, Telekom, Germany


Banking and Financial Services


  • Development of the value proposition and internet positioning for on-line finance services, Bearn Sterns, USA
  • Reorgansiation and restructuring of the sales area, new commissioning plan for the agents, Alleanza Assicurazioni, Italy
  • Data base research on the success factors of commercial activities, Banca Popolare di Verona e Novara, Italy
  • Training of bank branch directors in leadership and commercial activities, Südtiroler Volksbank, Italy
  • Training in service skills, Cassa di Risparmio Della Spezia, Italy
  • Training in sales skills of the general agents, Winterthur Assicurazioni, Italy




Italian Association for Quality Management (AICQ Nazionale)
The Italian Association for Quality Management (AICQ) has the Mission to promote approaches and methods of Quality Management. In this function it is National Partner Organization (NPO) of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), organizer of the European Quality Awards, the equivalent of U.S. Malcom Baldrige Award. Michael Galster is acting for us since 7 years as Auditor and Lead Auditor in various recognition contexts and is involved in the promotion of TQM in the Province of Bozen, where we succeeded with his help to gain numerous subscriptions to the Excellence levels One and Two.
Vincenzo Mazzaro, President of the National AICQ


Bata Shoes Italy
Bata –Compar, with more than 400 sales points all over the country, is one of the main actors in the retail trade of footwares and accessories in Italy and is operating in a high competitive market segment. Our objective to offer to our customers always high added value has brought us in 2008 to review structure and processes of our organization, in order to evaluate its consistency to politics and strategy changed by the time. For that activity we have addressed to an external consultancy. In that context Mr. Galster has realized an organizational analysis of Bata Retail Italia based on data and informations he partly gained through interviews conducted with our first and second line managers. Velocity and accuracy with which our business has been understood and the results of the analysis helped us to up-date our organization according to the changed necessities, aligning with efficacy structure, processes and people.
Barbara Mariani – General Manager Retail Italy – Bata – Compar Group Italy


Fiat Customer Services Center
Customer Orientation in all activities is today the general principle of Fiat Group Automobiles and represents for the area of the Customer Services the Mission and  the reason of the own existence. Consolidating the relation between the Brand and the Customer, enhancing contemporarily efficiency and internal economies through the development of Improvement Actions, needs the commitment of all people in our organization. Following to that motto, in the second half of 2008 we have implemented in some areas of our Customer Services Center a cycle of Improvement Processes. In that context we use the expertise of Mr. Galster, who is facilitating our CIP-Team. He is acting during team meetings and sustains the activities from the distance through a tailored e-learning platform as well. The project distinguishes by results orientation and demonstrates efficacy under the profile of answering time reduction and mastering volumes.
Pietro Casati, Manager of Customer Center - Fiat Group Automobiles


Michelin Italy
During 2004 our Company decided to close the Michelin factory in Trento and in order to avoid negative social effects on local level, we engaged an external Consultancy with the re-industrialization of the site in dismissal. In that context we came together with Mr. Galster who supported us as a Project Manager. He assisted us in gaining acceptance for that delicate decision during the complex negotiations with the social parts, and in identifying new investors, interested in overtaking the manufacturing hall and the staff as well. The Project finished successfully with the takeover of the plant and all our people still available at that moment by a new investor. 
Lorenzo Paruzza, at the time Site Manager, today Director of the Michelin Development Foundation


BAT - British American Tobacco
Mr. Galster has been indicated to us in 2007 in the Province of Trento in Northern Italy, when implemented our restructuring plan that implied the closure of our manufacturing site in Rovereto. Mr. Galster acted with sensibility towards the social parts and researched in an effective way new solutions for the plant in dismissal. The operation was accomplishes by the end of 2007, when we sold the plant and all our employees were reallocated to new jobs, consistently to our plans and to our principles of social responsibility.
Francesco Valli, CEO British American Tobacco Italy


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