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1plan Project ImplementationStrategies and plans are valid only if systematically realized. Their deployment however often faces  higher than expected complexity and obstacles. HLP Galster Milano delivers operative support at a level of methodology, tools and resources.  Testimonial 0galster Organization AssessmentsWithin our assessor activities for the Quality and Innovation Award of Confindustria (Italian Association of Industrial Companies) and APQI/AICQ (Italian Associations for the Q-Award and for QM), we are always updated with best practices and we transfer these competencies to our clients. 4lente
2industry Restructuring and Industrial ConversionGalster Training & Consulting is working mainly for multinational industrial groups in industrial site dismissal and activities reconversion.
Thanks to our network, we identify new investors and accompany the entire conversion process up to the start of new activities.
Organizational ConsultingWe support the organisation development of our larger and SME clients involved in complex change processes. We help redefine structure and processes to align the management towards the company’s objectives. 5x
3mani NetworkingThanks to a more than 20 years presence in the Italian Training and Consulting market we have access to complementary resources in the fields of Strategic Consulting, Certifications and Public Funding. TrainingThe Training Activities of HLP Galster Milano are inspired from the following simple principals:
I hear and forget,
I see and remember,
I do and I understand.
The Attitudes follow the behavior and not vice versa.
Peter Drucker
The clients of our training services are companies that operate in the health, automotive, food, finance, electronic and telecommunication businesses.


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